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SEMC Developer SurpriseBirthday Discusses Matchmaker, Ranked System, & More

SurpriseBirthday interview

In past interviews, we’ve chatted with players, analysts, esports owners, and even other developers! Adding to this list is SurpriseBirthday, the Chief Product Officer for SEMC. His role tackles all measures that make Vainglory as an app more enjoyable for you. From trolling prevention and Update 3.8 balance changes to matchmaker and Ranked system improvements, take a look into the future of Vainglory in our interview with SurpriseBirthday.

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Vainglory Update 3.8 Analysis with SEMC Developer Zekent

vainglory update 3.8

Vainglory Update 3.8 features the biggest shakeup to the meta that we’ve ever seen. Although the sheer number of changes can be daunting, the bigger picture is now in place for players to make situational decisions regarding the items they purchase and foes they trounce in 3V3 and 5V5 alike. To figure out what exactly you should do in Update 3.8, we chatted with Zekent, Vainglory’s senior game designer, who is responsible for constructing this new experience. Let’s hear it, Zekent!

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Broken Myth Build Updates

Vainglory 3.7 Updated Top Hero Builds

vainglory hero builds

Our Top Hero Builds page has been updated for Vainglory 3.7! The builds will continue to be renewed each update for certified freshness. Expect a new Tier List coming soon, too! If you’re new, this resource has a page for each hero’s best and most popular builds. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • Yates, Silvernail, and Anka now have guides
  • All carry builds received modifications
  • All captain builds received modifications
  • Builds for utility-based captains in carry roles will be added soon

Check out our Top Hero Builds page for Vainglory 3.7!

Esports Vainglory Premier League

VPL Summer Recap: NA Week 4

vpl summer week 4

As the VPL Summer Open creeps closer to crowning a champion, this weekend’s quarterfinals provided the most action-packed and competitive matches that we have seen to date. There was one forfeit this weekend, with Jenners, formerly known as Kardashians in VIS, giving away their series against Vision Gaming. This granted Vision a free pass to move on to the semifinals next weekend.

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Esports Vainglory Premier League

VPL Summer Recap: NA Week 2

vpl summer week 2

After the play-in round last weekend, the action took off this week with the top 16 teams in North America. This weekend we saw matches from Parts A & C of the bracket. On Saturday there was only one series, as Playfull Thangs has disbanded their team, which allowed Rampage Gods to move on to the next round of competition. As the main portion of the Summer Open kicks off, all matches will be played on Update 3.6; however, the newest hero Silvernail was globally banned for this week’s matches.

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